Dave RoomDave Room is founder of Energy Preparedness (www.energypreparedness.net), a consultancy on relocalization and municipal response to our energy predicament. He is a co-founder of Bay Localize and founder of the Hubbert Tribute. Previously, he played a key role in many aspects of Post Carbon Institute’s emergence including conceptual frameworks, web design and development, policy, outreach, and fundraising. He is an a journalist, interviewer, and frequent lecturer. He has a Masters in Engineering Economic Systems and a B.S, in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. As a journalist and a speaker, Dave focuses on transforming cities, commodity prices, conscious evolution, localization, people of color and youth, and culture change.

Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Green Googles, CPUC Energy Efficiency Hearing, July 2009
  • The Monkey Trap, Stagewerx, July 2009
  • The Monkey Trap, Oregon Country Fair, July 2009
  • Shaping the Green New Deal, The Green New Deal Committee of the North Bay, May 2009
  • Moderator and Speaker, Climate of Change, May 2009
  • What is Climate Change, Mission High School, March 2009
  • Local Clean Energy, East Bay Eco Tours, Monthly from November 2008 to April 2009
  • Moderator, Locavolts Unite – The Bay Area Clean Energy Caucus, November 2008
  • “Local Clean Energy”, ChangeSF at Temple Nightclub, November 2008
  • How To Bring Local Clean Energy To Your City!, Solfest, August 2008.
  • The Energy Divide, Coro Youth Leadership program, July 2008
  • Clean and Fair Elections Forum, June 2008
  • Local Clean Energy Now, Ecology Center, May 2008
  • Economic Localization and Energy panel, Ecocity World Summit, April 2008
  • Local Clean Energy, The Living Room, KPFA, January 2008
  • SF Bay Oil Spill Town Hall meeting, KPFA, November 2007
  • Global Concerns – Local Actions Panel, Green Festival, November 2007
  • Be The Change: Actively Participating in the Transition to a More Sustainable Future, Oregon Country Fair, July 2007
  • Be The Change, The Inconvenient Group of Benicia, June 2007
  • An Inconvenient Path, San Francisco LAFCO Commission, July 2006
  • An Inconvenient Path, San Francisco Department of the Environment, Brown Bag Lunch Talk, June 2006
  • Are We Ready for the End of Cheap Oil?, Bioregionalism workshop with Peter Berg, Stanford University’s Aurora Forum, May 2006
  • Energy Preparedness, Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma conference, New York City, April 2006
  • Reinventing Normal Life for the Post-Petroleum Future, Sacramento State Earth Day, April 2006
  • Reinventing Normal Life, Homegrown fundraiser, City Repair Oakland West, April 2006
  • Preparing Our Communities for the End of Cheap Oil, Bay Area Relocalize project Kickoff, April 2006
  • Oil Crisis Film Debut Press Conference, March 2006
  • Our Energy Future, Debbie Cook, Huntington Beach City Council, March 2006
  • Keynote, Oil Peak and Community Solutions Luncheon, March 2006
  • Preparing for the End of Cheap Oil, Bay Area Relocalize, February 2006
  • Episode #1 – Relocalization, Car-Free City, AccessSF Television
  • Re-localization, Climate Change and the End of Cheap Oil, Pachamama Alliance Monthly Meeting, December 2005
  • Reinventing Normal Life – Mobility, Trade, and Investing, Why Not Solar Fundraiser, November 2005
  • Relocalize Now! Getting Ready for Climate Change and the End of Cheap Oil in NYC, Petrocollapse NYC, October 2005
  • Preparing Ourselves for a Post Carbon World, Beyond Oil II, June 2005
  • Master of Ceremony, Beyond Oil II, June 2005
  • Master of Ceremony, Green City Visions, June 2005
  • Living More with Less: a Simplicity Conference, April 2005
  • The Future of Energy, January 2005
  • Global Relocalization: From Here to Sustainability (with Julian Darley), Green Festival, November 2004
  • What Rumi would say?, Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival, October 2004


  • Stardust Localizing! Participating in the Conscious Evolution of our Economy and Culture (forthcoming)
  • After Carbon (May 2005, OpenDemocracy.net)
  • The Coming Post Carbon Age (Number 57, Winter 2005, Planning Commissioners Journal)
  • Creating the Post Carbon City (Fall 2004, Urban Age Magazine)

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