I am currently working on BALANCE edutainment to launch Pacha of Pacha’s Pajamas as a new cultural icon.  This is my sole work focus at the moment, and is likely to be so for the foreseeable future.


Localization – I co-founded and recently left Bay Localize, a public benefit organization working to build a more livable and resilient region, while decreasing our reliance on oil, coal, and natural gas. BL works to catalyze a shift from a globalized, fossil fuel-based economy that enriches a few and weakens most, to a localized green economy that strengthens all Bay Area communities. We advance projects and initiatives that boost our regional self-reliance in food, water, and energy, while ensuring equitable access to low-income communities.

Solo Performance Theater – I do solo performance theater for the shift. My first show was The Monkey Trap. My next one is Obizzle.

Local Clean Energy – Energy Preparedness has been hired as the coordinator for the Local Clean Energy Alliance which is a coalition of organizations and businesses promoting local renewable energy and community choice aggregation in the Bay Area.

Green Pill Workshops – The Green Pill Inquiry is a pop culture-based workshop about the nature of industrial civilization, our blind spots, and how to best shape and support the shift that is occurring. Engage in dialogue about our cultural narrative and the future we desire.  Explore how pop culture and art can provide a point of reference, serve as metaphors, and help create emotional connections to abstract topics such as industrialization.

Energy Preparedness – Energy Preparedness is a consultancy firm with a focus on aiding municipal and commercial response to our energy predicament. We work with municipalities and companies to increase their level of preparedness for escalating oil prices and supply disruptions.

Film –  I am putting together a collective of folks to work on a youtube to cable show called the Green Pill Report.    I am the unofficial producer of a mash up film, The Red Pill Movie, that displays the ugly underbelly of globalization.

Writing – I am writing a book  about the market as a machine metaphor and probably conscious evolution of cultural and economic systems.  I have four blogs that I post to on a periodical basis.  I also have a number of articles on the web.

Energy Policy ResearchThe Hubbert Tribute is conducting research to better understand the history of United States energy policy. As you know, the world economy is at critical period as oil demand is growing and oil supply appears to be peaking. Unfortunately, our country has not explicitly recognized that peak oil is approaching or that we need to a dramatic shift in energy policy if we are to have a soft landing. We are working on the premise that we as a nation need to fully understand our energy past so that we can develop a responsible posture for our energy present and future.

Presidential Peak Oil Education – During the presidential campaign, the Hubbert Tribute spoke with staffers with every major presidential candidate and set up several briefings with major party candidates and peak oil experts.

Oil Independence – I was a member of the Oil Independent Oakland by 2020 task force. As a resident of Oakland, I am invested in seeing the task force recommendations implemented and intend to remain involved in Oakland’s transition to a more sustainable city. I am available to give briefings on the task force recommendations.

Interviews – I have done numerous interviews with subject area experts in topics such as peak oil, climate change, culture change, and localization. My interviews can be found at Global Public Media, the Hubbert Tribute, and

Speaking – I have done numerous speaking engagements, some of which are on

Spoken Word – I have written a lot of poetry, much of it about struggles and issues I have with the current world order.  Some is posted at poetry shout but unfortunately is not searchable by name.  I have performed my poetry in the past and intend to step it up.  Some of my poetry is at the Bogus Fresh Poets Collective.


One Response to “My Work”

  1. Ayanda Says:

    Hey Dave,
    Good to know you are doing well. I appreciate all the work you are doing. Take Care.

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